Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Liberation day! I have deactivated my Facebook account. There is nothing wrong with Facebook, I love Facebook, but it wastes entirely too much of the finite amount of time that I have in this life.  I had to ask myself, do I really care about what my hundreds of friends are doing at any given moment?  The answer was a hesitant, but resounding "no".  I do enjoy the funny videos and insightful articles that grace my news feed from time to time, but with the time I gain by not scrolling through the feed 15 times a day, I can find my own darn videos! I only deactivated it, I didn't delete it, so I can still pop on every now and then to look up an old friend, but other than that, I no longer exist and I am ok with that.  My husband and I recently had a conversation about what Barack Obama and Congress need to do to fix this pesky debt problem.  We asked ourselves, what would we do if we had too much debt and not enough money to pay it: find more income and cut expenditures.  I am going to apply this theory to my time as well, to start to relieve myself of that constant feeling that I am in the negative - more things to do than time to do it in.  I need to make find more time by more efficiently doing the things I have to do and eliminate the unnecessary that I can really live without.  There it is, more with less!