Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And she's back!

Well the last 6 months have been pure chaos. I just haven't felt like I can keep my head above water.  Full-time job, husband, baby, household, dance class (..I have to try to do something for only me).  We just got back from a fantastic west coast/Hawaii vacation, and I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to refocus on what's important.  A significant thing I found over the last few months is http://www.themiddlefingerproject.org/ and her Ebook The Definitive Guide to Getting Off Your Butt, Finding Some Focus, + Jump Starting Your Biz. Yes, I have a million ideas for things I want to do, business and otherwise, but this seriously was just a good manual for living life for me. I read it over and over, and while I am not putting it to actual use as quickly as I would like, I'm close. Three main points I took away from her book are 1. So what if you don't have a chunk of time to dedicate to the things that are most important/interesting to you? Do one small thing, for 5 minutes if that's all you've got, then do it again the next day, and the next, and and the next, and if you don't get to it one day, don't beat yourself up, get to it the next day. After a week, a month, 3 months, I'll have way more to show for myself than if I just keep telling myself I don't have time. 2. There is ALWAYS time for the things that are important to you.  I make time to read baby boy a story every night, and cut his grapes in half (very important), I make time to exercise at least once a week (good, but not as important) I make time to update my facebook status (totally unimportant), why can't I find an hour a week to further my business goals, get certain work tasks done, etc? 3. Wake up 2 hours earlier...I'm working on it.

Another resource I was introduced to was Michael Thomas Sunnarborg's 21 Days to Better Balance. Day 1: I am able to choose my thoughts and focus only on those thoughts that serve me. Boom Boom Pow! Could I be the one my own way? I read that back in February, wrote it on a post-it on my desk as a reminder, but I also haven't incorporated this in my life as much as I'd hoped. But I'm not beating myself up, today I am starting over. Again. Here we go. Back on a focused quest for more.