Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mission: I can do everything

I'm challenging myself for the next 30 days (and beyond) to get more out of each day.  First, part of this mission is about sticking to the mantra: more with less, this blog will be more like a to do/checklist with more substance and less sentence structure.  Plus, I love lists!!!  Since I have no, well maybe a very few readers, it will be very candid.  I need to get what I want into the universe so it can become reality. Think of it as a not so private diary.  So, here goes:

1. I want weigh less.  I am not so unhappy with my body, but now that I'm done breastfeeding, the pounds don't stay off as easy.  I want the scale to say "170" whatever that means I look like. It's just a better number than 178,9,80. This means commit to exercise and ease up sweets by cutting back to every other day (this is a challenge all by itself. Focus!)

2. I want to be able to find stuff in my house.  That means put stuff away immediately and keep out of toddler reach.  In the midst of hiring a prof organizer to give me some tips, but there are things I can do without a prof opinion. Do them now!

3. I need a daily theme song.  Making this work will require I feel like the queen of the universe.  Today it's Christmas music, specifically Sleigh Ride.  So what it's mid August?

4. In an effort to make use of the upcoming holiday weekend, I am going to find a paint project we can do as a family.  I need a reason to use my michael's coupons :-D

5. I am going to make lists daily for what needs to get done the next day.  Maybe some of the tasks carry over to the next day, sometimes they won't, but again, get them out of my head and into the universe.

6. I'm going to spend an hour at least three days a week to focus on my future career goals. Yesterday I decided to look into becoming an editor at some point (don't hold this blog against me).  I don't know what exactly that entails, or how to become truly qualified, but I know I love to read and revise stuff. 

Ok, that's a lot already. September 9, here I come.

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